Happy New Year from the Baltimore Family Bike Party!

Courtesy Reuters.
Image courtesy Reuters.

We are taking a short break from our regular rides in January and February with plans to start riding monthly again in March. We have got some fun plans for the Baltimore Family Bike Party in 2013 from a bike-to-the-pool party when the weather gets warm, a bike camping trip to Patapsco State Park this summer, a movie night and much more. If you’re interested in volunteering to help plan a ride in your neighborhood or ride as a sweeper on a ride in 2013, please get in touch!

Even if we’re not organizing the Family Bike Party, it doesn’t mean that you and your kids should stop biking! We’ve pulled together a few helpful resources and blog posts on winter biking for families. If you have your own favorite winter biking tips, please share them in the comments. Bike Winter: Kids has a great round-up of options from trailers to cargo bikes for keeping young children out of the worst cold weather:

Most Bike Winter parents agree: with a little extra gear and patient preparation, biking with young children year-round is easier (and warmer!) than it may look. Jane Healy, board president of Active Transportation Alliance, is a role model to many Chicago-area biking families. She transported her three children by bicycle trailer through wind, rain and snow; all three are now confident young cyclists. “They never complained about being too cold; in fact, it was usually just the opposite” says Jane. “Even on the windiest, coldest days when I covered every extremity, they were comfortable in their little cocoon.”

For recommendations including clothing and entertaining activities, check out mamafiets, a family biking blog written from Eugene, Oregon, on Winter Cycling With Kids: How We Stay Warm and Comfortable on the Bike:

In my garage sits a dusty and lonesome Burley trailer.  I thought that for sure my kids would be clamoring to get in the trailer by now, to escape the cold (as low as 25 F), the rain, and the wind… So far this winter, we’ve experienced some of the colder and rainier weather Eugene has to offer (including our favorite configuration: buckets of cold rain with strong winds), but I have only heard the words “Mama, I’m cold” once.

Chicargo Bike, one of our favorite family biking blogs, has a handfulof informative posts on getting kids dressed for fall and winter weather and even features a ten-year-old kid’s perspective on winter biking!

Winter Biking for a kid is not fun every day. You have to get up early and wear warm clothes but when you get to school you always steam to death… Wear a hat under your helmet or your ears will fall off.

There are many more resources out there on winter biking for everyone so please share any favorite links in the comments. Keep riding and have a happy New Year!


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