Join the Artscape Art Car & Bike Parade with the Family Bike Party this Saturday

1053106_10101593204387598_521032039_oFor the first time this year, the organizers of Artscape have opened up the Art Car Parade to include bikes! We’ve decided to reschedule the Baltimore Family Bike Pool Party to August so we can all join in and represent family biking in Baltimore.

As almost everyone knows, Artscape It’s one of the biggest, most awesome things to happen in Baltimore every year. This year’s theme is all about travel around the world so keep it in mind as you trick out your bike for the ride. Costumes for people, costumes for bikes, lights and noise-makers are all encouraged.

Baltimore Family Bike Party at Artscape!
Saturday, July 20, 11:00am
Meet at the corner of Mosher Street and Mt. Royal Avenue before 11:00am to join the ride. If you have time before the ride, check out the Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle School playground on McMechen Street between Mt. Royal and Park Avenue.
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