What winter? Jones Falls Family Bike Party + free DIY Balance Bike Workshop

Jones Falls Trail Family Bike Party at BBW!

FYI: No bike required for our DIY Balance Bike Workshop

No polar vortex can stop us from riding this month but we will find a nice warm bikeshop to host! Join us at Baltimore Bicycle Works for a pedal parent brunch and a free fun workshop on how to turn a 12″ kids bike into a DIY “balance bike” perfect for any knee-high novice cyclists that you have at home.

DIY Balance Bike Workshop + Jones Falls TrailFamily Bike Party

Baltimore Bicycle Works, 1813 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21201
Saturday, January 18, 9:30am to 11:00am
RSVP on Facebook or on the Biking in B’more Meet-up Group!

The Baltimore Family Bike Party is headed over to the Jones Falls Trail for a friendly get together at Baltimore Bicycles Works. We’ll bring coffee and a few snack but anyone is welcome to bring something to share.

Once everyone has something warm to drink, BBW’s talented worker-owners will offer a short workshop on how to turn a regular 12″ kids bike into a DIY balance bike. What is a balance bike? One of best ways to teach a kid to ride! If you have young children and you are interested in teaching them how to bike, don’t miss this program. Stick around after the workshop and (if weather allows) we’ll enjoy a short ride up and back the Jones Falls Trail – another family friendly destination for cyclists in Baltimore.

P.S. Sorry for the late notice this month! Help us spread the word to your bike-curious friends with kids by using the social share buttons below.

Photo courtesy: groundtruthtrekking.org.


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